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Nipple and Areola Reconstruction Treatment


Nipple Tattoo / Areola Tattoo

Nipple tattoo and Areola tattoo treatmetns are the only treatments to replace colour and shape and offers the finishing touch to surgery. By expert colour matching and placement, an areola can be created with can also camouflage scars. In addition, if a nipple has not been reconstructed, a 3D simulated nipple can be created also giving the illusion of protrusion.

Semi Permanent Makeup

Preparing for your Permanent Eye Brows Treatment


Permanent Eyebrows with Micro-pigmentation

Please arrive wearing your eyebrows as you and your close ones are used to seeing you. Even if you feel this is incorrect, it helps the clinic see what you are used to, and your preference, before we we advise you further.

When you arrive, a full consultation and colour match against your skin tone will be carried out. Your eyebrows will be “pencilled” on beforehand, ensuring that you are fully happy with the shape before we commence micro-pigmentation.

Preparing for your Permanent Eyeliner Treatment


Permanent Eyeliner

Please ensure that false eye lashes and contact lenses are removed before you arrive. Permanent Eye-liner treatments heal the quickest, in only three days, but it is advised to leave Mascara off for a couple of days. If you cannot, then remove with cotton wool and Vaseline only.

Use the after ointment supplied to the eye socket area too. Having this treatment may look like you have sore eyes for work the next day. This ointment will alleviate this. As advised, the top layer will peel off on day three. Sticking to the use of Vaseline and cotton wool will encourage this smooth removal.

Removal of Radiation Tattoos


When you have been through treatment for breast cancer patients are often left with radiation tattoos. These small dots are used to mark the targets to aim the radiation treatment accurately over  a number of weeks. These radiation tattoos (also known as blue tattoos), can often be an unwanted reminder of a painful time for most people.  At Skin Within we are experienced in using the Rejuvi Tattoo Removal treatment for tattoo removal of radiation tattoos, which can provide excellent results.

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